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A Secure Store of Value

  • Redeem your silver at anytime inside the application.
  • Unlike traditional Silver, with Silverlink you can exchange it back to ETH Token at a very low spread.
  • Edge volatility by Holding LNKS Token in your portfolio.


With the high value silver asset always have secured combined with the innovation and versatility crypto currencies provide, a new form of wealth has been created.

The Currency

LNKS is a Token backed by 0.999 fine silver and powered by the blockchain technology, trade physical silver on the blockchain.

Latest Technology

LNKS Token is built on top of the blockchain and guarantees low transaction fees and almost instant confirmation times.

Proof of Funds

Silver reserves are stored by a third party company and are audited independently, they should always match Tokens in circulation.


LNKS Token is always 1-1 backed by 1 gram of fine silver, our reserves are easily auditable and we provide continuous reports.