In order to use this application you need a Metamask account and being connected to
Rinkeby Test Network instead of Main net.

1: Download and install Metamask extension.

2: Connect to Rinkeby Test Net by clicking the top right arrow and selecting Rinkeby Test Network.

3: Now that you are connected into Rinkeby Test Network you need some Rinkeby Ether
fortunately, you can get it for free just by completing a social network challenge.
Now you are ready to use Link Platform.

1- For each time you perform an action inside Link; a Metamask transaction will be created.

2: Click Submit to send the transaction, then the order will reach the Curators board and they will
need to approve it, this normally takes 12 hours after you have submitted it.

3: After your order has been approved, your balance will automatically be reflected into your account
in you used -Direct Buy- and in the case of -Redeeming- the amount of Tokens
will be deducted from your balance accordingly.